Here it comes…

Since the end of 70s China has changed big. Its economy, from size wise insignificance has grown to be, in purchasing parity terms, the largest in the world. From almost total isolation, in terms of trade it has become more integrated with the world than any other country. From science and technology to military capabilities, in almost every measure of power the gap between her and USA is closing fast. These could not not have happened without global consequences. In fact from 2008 Global Crisis to the rise of populism , big changes taking place in the world can be at least partially explained by China’s rise. With great uncertainty about the world economy and international relationships, today is often likened to the days before the World War I. In how the future will unfold, China will play a lead role. Here I will share with old students and others interested, my assessments of economic and political developments with global impact in China, around China, and related to China.

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